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The support for this project deserves to be treasured and this page is dedicated to those who have helped bring this dream to life.  The people here have, in some form or another, given me the faith I need to keep this project alive and the least I can do is pay homage by placing their name here.  This is a small token of my gratitude to each and every person I add to this page to remind them that their support will always be appreciated.


So, to everyone on this list:

Always remember that there’s a special place in my heart for you.  “The Leather Of The Whip” began as a passion project I concocted many years ago with nothing but an idea, a mountain of self-doubt, waves of criticisms and the will to see these images come to fruition.  Your contribution solidifies you in this journey along with me and because of your efforts; you become the ink in my pens, the paper that builds these books and the energy that drives me to see us succeed. 


With much sincerity,


A. Gomez




Special Acknowledgements:

Jill Erickson

Stacey Meyer

Paul Valdez

Sara Lohman

Christina Pernevi

Django Bohren

Roman Stadtler

Peter Bolsom

Jim, Troy, Mickie and the entire staff of Crypticon

Northwest Comic Fest staff (Salem, OR)


Jeremy Brown

Ashley O’Neill

Lorinda Tomko

Dusty Bryant

Thomas Nichols

Will ‘Badass’ Wilson

Josh Krebsbach

Judith Werner

Ciera Richins

Jabez Richins

Taylor Vinkes

Jean Hayes

Rodney Purdy

Mi Chelle Nessk

Becky Sayers




If you would like to see your name here, please support this project any way possible, either by purchasing a book, artwork, or donate, please contact me at  You can also help with the Facebook page with either a ‘Like’ or ‘Share’.